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New release: Vapour by Alchesound


When you first listen to Vapour, the sophomore release of Alchesound, you will immediately hear a distinct and definite progression in sound from the first album, something that only daring exploration and fervent experimentation can produce, something that indicates a maturation in the artist and the music that they produce, a finding of their unique sound, a discovery of their voice in the myriad of sounds found throughout the world.

Vapour has it all and does not just stick to one style. There are beautiful, and even sorrowful, moments, blended in with high octane broken beats and machine's gone haywire. A moody futuristic atmosphere follows the tracks, with intrigue and mystery around every bend.

This is a a great album by Alchesound and one that would make anyone's late night hacking spree seem like its been written into a scene from Blade Runner or The Matrix.

Style: Electronic, Down-tempo, Trip-hop, Glitch

Download album here (70MB).