Flight of Man

by The X-Structure

Release date: 01/12/2010

Bushmen release: bush18

Style: Trip-hop, Down-tempo, Breakbeat, Electronica

Life. We do not know the true extent of what we can achieve when we first start off with an idea, a dream, with life. What will make us reach our dreams, our purpose, our true place in life? What we need is to embrace faith, and hope, and love. Faith. To trust in Providence. To take the first step, and then the next and the next. Soon, when you find yourself again, you are on the top of the mountain, looking down at the most beautiful view. Hope. To have a vision of what the future holds, of what it may be. Love. To experience the deeper joys of life through love. To travel on this journey with love as a companion, to be the companion of love to others as they travel on their journey.

What then does it take for Man to fly? To reach past the limitations of the physical, the temporal? To excel in a deeper more meaningful way? In truth we cannot fly, for we are born without wings. How then do we fly? Our flight does not take place here, where we can see, but in our minds, in our hearts, in our imagnitation and in our dreams, in our very soul. For it gives us a glimpse of what is to come when this life has passed. A glimpse of the splendor that is to come. For sure I tell you that we will fly one day, but only if we believe. For without belief we will never take that first step.

Track listing:

01. Deus ex Machina
02. Spiritual Warriors
03. Shooting Star
04. Grateful Being
05. Hedonistic Illusions
06. Who are You
07. Son of Man
08. End of the Age
09. Band of Believers
10. Worship 

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